Y Tho?

Why a blog? And why “Art for Real People”? Who are these real people!?

Well, I would consider myself one of them. No, I don’t have a PhD in 20th century American Art or basket weaving or music theory. And while I appreciate critics telling me that exhibition XYZ touched on the female migrant diaspora and its links to the digital age, that’s not really what I look for in art. What I really want to know when I head off to an experience of any kind is: was it accessible to a non-expert? Is it visually stimulating? Inspiring? Will I learn something? Feel something? I plan on exploring all of that here!

“SO, what are your credentials?” You may be asking your computer screen/me. Well, I’m far from a verified critic or expert or respected connoisseur of all things art. What I am, however, is a genuine lover of culture. I was an Art History major in college, and since graduation I’ve been on a mission to experience all that I can while I can. I was fortunate enough to have internships at the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in NYC and the Detroit Institute of Arts. I also held a fellowship position at the Muscarelle Museum in Virginia. Since graduation, I’ve been parked behind a desk on the Lincoln Center campus, where I continue to spend my days! 

I hope you will join and enjoy the journey as we flesh out art in all forms for all people and find wonderful ways to experience culture together!