Other Writing

I write about arts, culture, travel and lifestyle topics for other online and print publications. For some examples of my work, click the links below:

HERE Magazine:

How to Plan a Honeymoon During COVID-19

A Guide to Staycations (Wherever You Are)

Whitehot Magazine of Contemporary Art:

Nature’s Bookkeeper: How Morel Doucet Maps the Changing Landscape of Miami

Suitcase Magazine:

The Inside Track – Exploring Paris via its Abandoned Rail Line 

Dance Magazine:

Want to Become a Dance Photographer? Here’s How 4 Former Dancers Made the Leap

Lonely Planet:

Under the radar USA: Islamorada is a Gem of the Florida Keys

Intrepid Times:

A Moment in Avignon

Entropy Magazine:

Broadway Went Dark: What Happens When Artists Lose Their Medium

Musée Magazine:

Accidentally Wes Anderson

Capturing Dance on Camera

The Veins of a City: Mass Transit Photography

Arthur Elgort’s ‘I Love…’

Fairfield County LOOK:

Author Fiona Davis on Loving Libraries, New York’s History and her Forthcoming Novel

Author Amy Poeppel on her Latest Novel, Binge-Writing, and Escaping through Fiction

No More Boring Walls

Author Susie Orman Schnall on her Latest Book, the Writing Process,
and Finding Balance

Artist Nina Weld’s Creative Evolution

Summer 2020 Travel Forecast

A Starr is Born

The Art of the  Cheese Plate

From CT to Center Stage

Ruth Mannes Ushers in a New Era at MoCA Westport

Spring Break Reads 2020